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Quality And Affordable Security Solutions In Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Conroe And Many More Areas In TX

As one of the leading surveillance security services in Texas, we, at USA Security Solutions offer a wide variety of commercial and residential security services in Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Conroe and many more cities in TX.

Some of our services include surveillance security cameras installation that includes home security cameras and hidden security cameras that can also be for commercial use. We also offer intrusion alarm, structure wiring, telephony solutions, and intercom and paging system. MORE ABOUT USA SECURITY SOLUTIONS -->


shutterstock 299371916In our century, telecommunication field changes rapidly, with the Internet and networks developing each day. We continue recent with the newest advances as they move toward and advise the finest services to meet your desires and criteria. Our business policy rest upon one of the pillars which is to train our staff to meet the required newest technological changes and updates. With our trained employee and provided knowledge, the greatest offer will be served to you.

You won’t regret to cooperate business with us as numerous as our previous customers. That is why our business growth is so much faster and reliable.

The employees at USA Security Solutions have much experienced in the areas of the most recent phone and data systems. Their practical and theoretical knowledge is very heavy. We are so easy to reach and make our self-ready to respond any issues quickly. You don’t have to wait in the line longer hours to communicate or expose your technical issues. The most amazing thing in our customer service is that you won’t hear the annoying and irritating call “please wait for the next available representatives”.

telephony2Our services include the followings:

  • Digital Phone System Sales & Service
  • Telephony Services & Cabling
  • Copper, Coaxial, & Fiber Optic Cabling
  • PA Systems
  • IP Telephony Service & Installation
  • VOIP
  • Broadband Internet Turn-Up & Installation
  • LAN Setup

telephony3Business Phone Systems are Key Structure for Operating

Company phone system is extremely vital to your business. The correct structure will combine all of the individual necessities of your company. The requirements for a workplace phone system vary from business to business and structure to structure. Initially you will need to evaluate the essential requirements of your industry. If any changes given or trust in us, we are here to manage / improve / restore / and develop an accessible system for you. The amount of lines and extensions will affect your decision about the kind of system you want. Please note that if you have less than 40 staff, a key system may be suitable for you. This fundamental system generates the choices nearly for all small companies. On the other hand, they are frequently less customizable than the other choices. If your business need an extra customizable system or has more than 40 staff, it would be more appropriate to have a Private Branch Exchange system, or a VOIP for company system. These systems will come up with further choices to better help for your businesses requires.


  There are lots of choices to think when getting the accurate office phone system for your business. Several choices  are nearly working for everyone who often utilized consist of an automated attendant service which answers and routes calls, conferencing choices, and the capability of play music while clients are on hold. An operating system with an index service permits inbound calls to arrive at their extension by dial a name or dial an extension are as well trendy. Display phones, conference options, and voicemail may also be functional to your business. We have so many selections of phone systems that will be accurate for your company’s needs. You will be more than welcome to visit our phone system selection.

telephony4Phone System for a Small Business

Small business has further choices accessible to them at this time definitely. As technology develops the options keep getting superior. Phone systems were some time ago only accessible to big businesses and call centers. As of 2016, they are obtainable to every small businesses. The phone system you decide for your business is as vital as the hardware itself.


 Key Systems can be utilized in a lot of little businesses. This type of phone system comes with a lot of typical features that are incredibly practical in a small business. A Key System is normally placed  for less than 40 staff. If a fundamental system is what you require, this may be the greatest selection for your business. If you want a further customizable system, looking into a PBX System or a VOIP System will be great choice for you.


Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems may also be suitable for a small business. The consoles required for this kind of system is at the present small enough to fit on an office desk. There are a lot of choices obtainable for this kind of phone system. The basic PBX System will combine your phone lines, fax equipment, and modems into one system. The well-organized and automatic line sharing assists you by offering  a great deal of service to your clients and your staffs.


A small place of work may also regard as a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system. This kind of system gives direction to all calls via an internet provider. The VOIP can significantly help your company stay linked and reduce the expense of outgoing calls. With this system, your company can rapidly reach remote locations and prevent from long distance expenses from workplace to workplace.

telephony5How about VOIP Phone System for Your Business

The Voice Over Internet Protocol, VoIP phone systems propose the nearly all features and the most excellent ease of access to upgrades and organization changes. VOIP systems can be effectively placement into small businesses as well as large businesses.

A VOIP Phone system uses the internet to formulate calls within your network system. Calls are transferred via an I.P. address as data. It can really reduce the expenses of your businesses international and long-distance calls. VOIP systems can link to your business with many businesses inside an internal network. Buildings distance to each other is not a problem for calls made inside. 

Remote location accessibility can also expand admission to staff on the road. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be fixed so that a dealer can use an IPAD as an IP phone while they are not home. This helps very much the ease of access the employee as well as reduce the cost of communicating with you and them.

The advantages of connecting locations are many. Linked businesses can share lots of system resources. In terms of supervision, changes and updates can be done flawlessly which is transferred all the way through the network. Maintenance can be performed only in a network through a web interface. There are extra benefits and essential business applications presented within this system.  With this system, communications between co-workers and employers will be easy.

telephony6PBX Systems

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems have been used by large companies for numerous years. As technology developed, these systems have been made small enough to fit on an office desk. A PBX phone system gives proficient and automatic line sharing that gives an outstanding service to your clients and your staff.

PBX Systems comes with standard and many of the other options that your company would like to hear about. They are fully programmable which makes it easy to customize your PBX system to your personal business needs. These systems can put together your telephones, modems, and fax machines into one easily used system. Choices for these systems contain voicemail, music or personal message on hold, ring options for personally callers, ring to different places at one time and automated operator services.

Also implementable with a PBX system are multi-lingual services, automatic warning of new voicemail in individual email accounts, call connection to remote locations, and several further. Every inside extensions and outside lines must be linked to the PBX system. Configuring and wiring will necessitate specialized setting up as well as expert maintenance. Much of your existing wiring may be able to used, but new wiring will be necessary to implement a PBX system into your company. When performed, you will find out that you have an excellent functional system that is much better than having to share lines with others.

telephony7Hosted / Cloud Solutions

Small and huge businesses nowadays are looking for lower cost to manage their voice communications’ necessities. 

PBX or Unified Communications, Cloud or Hosted alternatives offer actual flexibility and their performance in business communication is customarily evaluated. 


 telephony8Unified Communications


Unified communications easily and effectively manages communication tools such as phone calls, email, voice mail, fax, and instant messaging, conference interactions including audio simplified and it also significantly saves time and increases quality of communications.

Unified Communications offers real time communications, find me, follow me services, and single number access.

telephonyPhones Services

  • Business Class IP PBX
  • Using Existing Phone lines or VoIP
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Auto Attendant
  • Shared Call Groups
  • Direct Lines
  • Call Forward External
  • Soft Phone/Remote Phone

shutterstock 296720153Installing Telephone Jacks

USA Security Solutions offer an exclusive and original solution to the connection of phone jacks for new structure and old buildings or old residential homes. We install screws, wires, stripes, and solids with different colors to many buildings.  Any complicated job is easily fulfilled by our professional hands.

  • 4 Conductor Single Jacks
  • 4 Conductor Dual Jack
  • 6 Conductor Single Jack
  • 6 Conductor Dual Jack
  • Modular ''T'' Duplex Adapter
  • Two-Line Duplex Adapter
  • Modular Triplex Adapter
  • Two-Line Modular Triplex Adapter
  • Three-Line Modular Triplex Adapter 



" USA Security Solutions installed security cameras to my business and they are working great and there is no fail in the security cameras. When I leave my business I can watch my employees and cars from my Smartphone all the time and they provide me 2 way audio and I can even talk and see my employees. They have great service and amazing deals. I will ask them to install security cameras to my home too because they have very affordable price. "

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 " They explained  different options available and provided me with 2 different security camera solutions. Outstanding customer service, and professional installation. I am happy with cameras job. I can watch my business from anywhere on my smartphone. "
Jessica Ford