In general, access control is the selective restriction and control of access to a certain place, whether a house, an office, a warehouse, or a designated area with in a larger building.

An Access Control system can:

  • Offer more protection and security to families, employees, property and customers
  • Provide control of entry to premises
  • Limit access to certain sections of a building
  • Help to organize check in process for employees
  • Help to protect data and sensitive materials



USA Security Solutions provides a wide range of access control devices including, card readers, electric and magnetic locks, keypads, and radio frequency (RF) controls. We offer access control systems to comply with your low, medium, high and critical security needs.




Our Access Control Services include, programmable access control systems, door entry systems, electronic gate s

ystems, biometric identification systems, elevator control systems, vehicle entry systems, attendance systems, leveled access control systems, and more…



We serve a wide range of customers including, residential homes, schools, multi-family residences, apartments, hotels, churches, hospitals, construction sides, parking garages, business offices, and warehouses.

Please give us a call, we will design and install a customized access control system for your needs!


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