USA Security Solutions intercom systems can be used for indoors and outdoors business and residential entrances, pedestrian gates, parking lots, and ATM machines. You can integrate intercom systems with your existing video system. When someone ring the door bell, you can watch and talk from your desktop or smartphone for your own security. If intercom systems are installed at planned areas or some entry points of business properties, communication will be more effective at certain distance. Vital announcements will reach people easily and quickly.


Where do you use intercom systems?

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  • Buildings
  • Emergency Services
  • Town centers and Offices
  • Prisons
  • Airports, Car Parking, Railways, Buses, Cable Cars
  • Harbors, ports, Highways, Toll Station, Tunnels, and Shipping Centers
  • Oil and Gas
  • Public Utilities
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Leisure and Entertainment Areas 


USA Security Solutions intercom capabilities


  • Full IP
  • Network Backboned
  • Sip
  • Analog
  • Hybrid
  • Fiber
  • Retro-fit 


USA Security Solutions provide the following intercom types:  

  • Hard Wired Intercoms
  • Wireless Intercoms
  • Telephone Intercoms
  • Carrier Current Intercoms
  • Automated Gate Entry Intercoms




We offer the entire paging system for your requirements such as sales, setting up, and services in Texas. USA Security Solutions is capable of helping with your paging system communication requirements. We are qualified and experienced in this area of telecommunications. Paging systems can assist your company to be more dynamic, secure, and elastic. USA Security Solutions uses with your existing telephone system next to a set of connections and installing a paging system without interfering with your existing set up.


USA Security Solutions knows how to assist you with your paging system installation in the following:

  • Indoor / Outdoor Paging Systems
  • Paging Controller Installation
    • Night Ring  
    • Loud Ring
    • Clock Timer
  • Talkback Paging
  • Telephone Ringers
  • Paging Horn Installation
    • Loud Ringer
    • Warble
    • Alert
  • Paging Speakers Installation:
    • Corner Speakers
    • Wall Speakers
    • Pendant Speakers
    • Recessed Ceiling Speakers
  • Emergency Paging Systems
  • Zone Paging Systems
  • Background - Overhead Music Installation
  • Paging Volume Control


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Please do not hesitate to give us a call or email us to serve you better. We guarantee to meet your requirements and satisfy your intercom and paging systems installation services.




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