grey quotation marks th They explained  different options available and provided me with 2 different security camera solutions.
Outstanding customer service, and professional installation.
I am happy with cameras job. I can watch my business from anywhere on my smartphone. grey quotation marks th1
Jessica Ford

grey quotation marks th FANTASTIC!!!!! Very Professional ..... The Technicians knew exactly how to install the cameras. There was NO guess work what so ever. The cost was very reasonable. grey quotation marks th1

Description of work:
Installation of Security Camera System and Ring Door Bell. This project has been on my to do list for quite sometime and I was so relieved to find a Company that specialized in installation of Security Cameras. 

Patricia Hood

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 grey quotation marks th Installation was great. He finished the work in two days and on Saturday and Sunday. grey quotation marks th1

Description of work:
We had 8 cameras installed at our business and it was great. Rauf was very professional and walked us through the process and installation.

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grey quotation marks th USA Security Solutions installed security cameras to my
business and they are working great and there is no fail in the security
cameras. When I leave my business I can watch my employees and cars from my Smartphone all the time and they provide me 2 way audio and I can even talk and see my employees. They have great service and amazing deals. I will ask them to install security cameras to my home too because they have very affordable price. grey quotation marks th1


Description of work:
USA Security Solutions installed security cameras to our car dealership in Houston. 

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